☆☆ Recommended for farewell Mukaekai (^^) 400 or more to eat all you can drink is 3300 yen 120 minutes ☆☆
3300 yen

The cost is tax-inclusive price.

Bincho charcoal bird Torinosuke is the course, including a la carte taste and variety in addition to the highest ☆ grilled chicken.Drink draft beer and chu-hi, fruit wine, cocktails, shochu, such as sake and the like.Is enough to enjoy the contents ♪ In addition, the all-you-can-eat + drink because of combination allowed the bar course (2,500 yen), please do not worry even those who do not drink the one and the sake of the designated driver (^ _ ^)!


[An example unlimited menu to eat]

■ charcoal grilled chicken

- Heart (sauce, salt)

- Shear

· Liver


- Chicken breast Skewers (sauce, salt)

· Meatball (sauce, salt)

Mi (sauce, salt)

- Only green onion garlic

- Cartilage

Mayonnaise grilled

- White meat Mentai mayonnaise

- Wasabi grilled

· Shisomaki (plum meat)

Pizza-style grilled chicken (3 pieces)

■ bacon

· Rice cake, quail, enoki mushrooms, asparagus, etc.

■ juicy unpeeled

· Bajirutsukin, peach Salt-grilled, Momopon, dripping peaches, peach green onion garlic

■ cheese

- Potatoes cheese, rice cake of pizza-style, meatball cheese, eggplant pizza-style

■ fry

Local specialty taking of fried chicken, Toripon, crab cream croquettes, squid rings, cheese crisp, etc.

■ fried chicken

· Toripon, Gesopon, Takopon, shear fried chicken, up from cartilage,

From Agedashi taking

■ Dashimaki

It's Western-style Maki

■ stew

- Boiled tofu, miso Chanko pan, salt Chanko pan, kimchi pot

■ rice stuff

· Changer rice, Torinosuke bowl, stamina bowl, etc.

■ tea pickled

- Roe, salmon, plum, was stiffness, salted fish, egg soup tea pickles, etc. 11 species

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